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Thanks for trying out my Oblivion random character generator. All you have to do is press the space bar. The generator has a completly randomized class with race, gender, hair color, hair length, and eye color. Your character will be named by a completely random procedurally generated naming system. There is role playing information that tells you where your character must visit, what factions to join, and it picks from a list of 200 things that your character can like or dislike. It also tells you what armor your character wears and what kinds of weapons and destruction spell he/she uses. There is no way to save or recall a roll so I recommend taking a screenshot or picture with your phone of the rolls that you like.

An update of a bigger and better version will be coming soon. With more features and information, and a short biography created to the characters specifications. It will also have a function that rolls a character that leans more to either combat, magic, or stealth. It will also feature a naming system that is more lore friendly and specific to the race you role. This newer version will remain free so check back soon.

Make sure to try the very first roll you do ;)

Install instructions

Should just have to click on the installer and follow the instructions. Email me at cellphonethrash@gmail.com if you run into trouble or have any questions or comments.


Macehil's Oblivion Random Character Generator-Default- 4 MB

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